On The DVR

Because I watch so much tv, some of it actively, some of it is "something to have on while I do other things" and some of it is just plain "this is soothingly edited and narrated so I fall asleep to it" I thought it would be interesting (to me, anyway) to list what is on my DVR and put it into some sort of context for my own amusement.

I discovered there are fully 96 things set to auto-record (i took off 4 things that had been cancelled since I last went through the list). 

Writing out the "story behind everything on this list" is seriously going to be an exercise in shame-explaining, while doing a partial a dvr cleanup...but so far it's mostly "man, I am grateful for television because I am not sure there are enough books on my reading list to keep me from falling into a pit of passive boredom."

On the other hand, I had been feeling like I might spend too much money on cable, but looking at how much tv i watch makes me realize that I actually really use the service to it's fullest without watching news, sports, or Survivor.